Pangeo, Historic Mountain
Pangeo, Historic Mountain

Pangeo, Historic Mountain

Day 1: Welcome

  • Arrival at Thessaloniki airport / Departure for Krinida Serron with a mini bus that will take us wherever needed throughout the trip.
  • Acquaintance & Program Announcement.
  • Dinner in Proti Serron at the “Idones” tavern.
  • Overnight at the hotel “Land of Orfea”.

Day 2: Prehistoric rock paintings and ancient myths

  • Breakfast with traditional, local products.
  • Departure for the Aggitis River Gorge. Tour on the bus on the route passing by Apollonia Tower, Lion of Amphipolis, Amphipolis, Proti, Rodolivos.
  • Hiking on the routes offered around the Aggitis Gorge between Mount Pangeo and Menoikio and visiting the prehistoric rock paintings of Aggitis. We admire the prehistoric artists and learn the history of the area. 8.11 km, 5h, 498-786m.
  • Visit to the cave of Alistrati with a guided tour. One of the largest and most beautiful in Europe. The surface of the cave is 25,000 square meters and its length is 3 km. It has a wonderful decoration, both of stalactites and stalagmites, and of helictites – formations that defy gravity and literally float. 
  • Guided tour to the rock paintings of the 5th – 6th BC century depicting animals, as well as scenes of daily life and the flora of the region. Collecting plants and herbs with ancient myths and stories.
  • Light lunch with local flavors.
  • Transfer to the enchanting “House of Tea” near Krinida Serron for a unique herbal tour and tea tasting. Botanist Zalidas Ioannis, the owner, and our knowledgeable guide, will share insights on diverse herbs and their benefits.
  • Dinner at Krinida Serron.
  • Overnight at the hotel “Land of Orfea”.

Day 3: Lakovikia – Amphipolis

  • Breakfast in the room with traditional, local products.
  • Transfer to Galipsos and hike the 11 km long Lakovikia path to old Mesolakia with a guided tour of the historic abandoned settlement of Palea Lakovikia, where one comes across ruined mansions with a special charm.
  • Light hiking lunch.
  • Transfer by mini bus to Amphipolis and guided tour of the museum and Timvos Kasta (if it can be visited).
  • Dinner in Amphipolis or N. Kerdylia.
  • Transfer to Folia and stay overnight at the “Sun Thalassa” rental apartments.

Day 4: Oisimi – Hersonisos Vrasida – Anaktoroupoli

  • Breakfast in the room with traditional, local products.
  • Transfer to Nea Peramos and climb to the top of the ancient Oisimi hill from the short guided path. Then descent and hike to the end of the Vrasida peninsula with guided tour.
  • Return and short guided tour to the Byzantine castles of Peramos (Palace).
  • Light lunch with fruits from the area.
  • Transfer to Ammolofoi (bathing, relaxation) and/or Transfer to N. Peramos and free time for walking and shopping.
  • Dinner at “Kostantaki” in Nea Peramos.
  • Return to Folia and stay overnight at the “Sun Thalassa” rental apartments.

Day 5: Philippi – Krinides

  • Breakfast with traditional, local products.
  • Hike to the Acropolis of Krinides from where we see the area of the battle of Philippi 42 BC a famous battle between the Romans and return.
  • Tour of the archaeological site, the museum, and the ancient theater of Philippi and the Krinides.
  • Guided tour of Lydia where the first Christian woman was baptized.
  • Thermal clay therapy or hydrotherapy at the Krinides “Clay Spa” or Hike to the Acropolis of Krinides, depending on the season.
  • Light lunch at the area of the “Clay Spa” or at the forecourt of the ancient Theater.
  • Return to “Pangeo Forest Village” with dinner and stay overnight.

Day 6: Kormista – Ikosifinissa

  • Breakfast with traditional, local products, trachano soup.
  • Transfer to the martyr settlement of Kormista and a short guided tour regarding the history of the village.
  • Hike on the Byzantine path that leads to the historic Monastery of Eikosifoinissa and guided tour. Return to Kormista by the same path.
  • Lunch in Kormista, at the “Dori’s Tavern”.
  • Return to Pangeo Forest Village and rest of the day, free.
  • Overnight at the “Pangeo Forest Village” 


Paleochori – Nikisiani 

  • Breakfast with traditional, local products.
  • Transfer to Paleochori. Crossing the path that starts from Paleochori and leads to Vranokastro. Rest, historical facts about the castle and commemorative photos against the background of the efforts of the historical Philippi.
  • Transfer to Nikisiani for a guided tour of the village – Holy Church of Esodion Theotokos, Hagiographies, Old Bridge
  • Meal in the square of Nikisiani, in τηε ταωερν “Platanos” with preparation of traditional sarmades in the presence of the guest.
  • Rest of day: Free.
  • Overnight at the eco-lodge “Pangeo Forest Village”.

Day 7: Mesoropi – Mousteni – Domatia

  • Breakfast with traditional, local products.
  • Transfer to Mesoropi and hike to the cave of Voskovrysi (352m – 1213m) accompanied by a mountain guide. At an altitude of 650 meters, we come across a beautiful waterfall that is worth stopping and enjoying. Total: 5.5 km, 3h,955m97m.
  • Light lunch with local flavors and rest in the cave. Introduction to the history of Pangeo.
  • Return to Mesoropi and rest in a traditional village cafe or tour the settlement with its beautiful traditional houses. Traditional Greek coffee with Turkish delight with the preparation of the coffee in the presence of the guests.
  • Transfer to neighboring Moustheni and visit the traditional settlement, visit the Church and the bridges of the village.
  • Dinner at restaurant “Kastanies” Mesoropi.
  • Return and overnight at the ecological accommodation “Pangeo Forest Village”.

Day 8: Departure

  • Breakfast with traditional, local products.
  • Departure, if from Kavala, visit Kavala, Agios Silas, Agios Panteleimon, Old Town, Castle of Kavala, Sanctuary of the Virgin. If from Thessaloniki, visit Amphipolis, Lion of Amphipolis, Rodolivos, Proti.                                                                                    


  • 8 days (6 full days without counting arrival and departure).
  • 7 nights (2 Land of Orpheus – 2 Sun Thalassa – 3 Pangeo Forest Village).
  • 4 hiking routes (2 demanding – 1 easy – 1 very easy).
  • Strong culinary element, authenticity, and contact with the mountain and its energy.


  • All overnight stays in traditional guesthouses with rich breakfast.
  • All transfers to and from the airport by mini bus.
  • 6 light meals, 7 dinners.
  • 8 days with a Companion in all activities 3 guided tours with a certified guide.
  • 4 hikes with a certified Mountain Guide Welcome treat.
  • Map of the area.

Excursion equipment

  • A good pair of walking shoes (Hiking boots and high-quality mountain trail sports shoes).
  • A small backpack with personal items for the hikes.
  • Hat and sunscreen.
  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Camera, appetite for walking and good mood.         

*Program may be subject to change